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The JUDI Collection

An exclusive collection from actress Judi Johnson.

The JUDI Collection is a luxurious line of lipsticks that offers 4 shades of colors that compliments any occasion.

The collection features rich pigments that deliver intense color payoff, making it perfect for those who love bold, statement-making lips.

The VEGAN lipsticks are made with a blend of natural nourishing ingredients, such as mica, scented and mineral oils, that help to hydrate and protect the lips.

The JUDI Collection have a creamy, smooth texture that glides on effortlessly, providing full coverage in one swipe. They are long-lasting and will stay put throughout the day, so you don't have to worry about touch-ups.

Packaged in sleek, gold-tone cases, The JUDI Collection lipsticks are not just makeup but also a fashion statement, making it a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

The JUDI Collection is a high-end and versatile lipstick line which is suitable for any makeup lovers, especially those who love all natural ingredients, different colors and finishes to play around with.

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